What is Vitamin K2 MK-7?

What is Vitamin K2 MK-7?

Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in various biological processes in the body, particularly related to bone health. Within the vitamin K family, vitamin K2 is further subdivided into different forms, including menaquinones (MK-n). The most biologically active and researched form is MK-7 (menaquinone-7).

Benefits of MK-7

MK-7 has a significantly longer half-life in the body compared to other forms of vitamin K2, such as MK-4. This means that MK-7 remains in the bloodstream for a longer period, enhancing its effectiveness. MK-7 is also absorbed more efficiently by the body and has higher bioavailability, meaning that a larger portion of the ingested dose is effectively used by the body.

Sources of Vitamin K2 MK-7

Vitamin K2 MK-7 occurs in natural foods. The richest source of MK-7 is natto (a Japanese fermented soybean product). Other fermented products such as certain cheeses and sauerkraut also contain MK-7, but in lower concentrations.

MK-7 Supplement

For those who have difficulty obtaining sufficient MK-7 from their diet, supplements are available that provide a concentrated dose of this important nutrient. Beyuna K2 contains vitamin K2 in the patented form K2VITAL® DELTA. In K2VITAL® DELTA, the well-absorbed vitamin K2-MK7 is double-encapsulated for complete stability. K2 further consists of alfalfa herb and rice flour. This supplement contains no synthetic fillers, additives, or colorings (Clean Label) and has a plant-based pullulan capsule.