Turn your enthusiasm into revenue

You value a healthy lifestyle and want to share this with others. A compensation plan developed based on 30 years of experience in the network marketing industry, focused on redistributing money. Equal opportunities, low costs, and high income potential. Have you become enthusiastic about Beyuna? We would love to tell you how the Beyuna concept works.

1. Experience products

As a distributor of Beyuna, you are an expert in our products through your own experience. By using the products yourself, you achieve your own results. From this enthusiasm, you share your experience with the products within your network.

2. Worth of mouth

Beyuna does not utilize traditional forms of advertising, such as hiring sports celebrities or advertisements. Word-of-mouth advertising is simply the best form of advertising! As a distributor, you advertise by recommending products. You can earn directly when a customer buys products on your Beyuna website, or when you sign up a distributor.

3. Royalties

At Beyuna, you build a continuous passive income. You establish a user market with customers and distributors who are enthusiastic about our dietary supplements. This results in residual income that guarantees a stable financial future.

A few reasons to join as a distributor

  • Achievable compensation plan
  • Low costs
  • Flexible time management
  • International entrepreneurship
  • (Passive) income
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A unique and powerful earnings model

At Beyuna, it's about redistributing money. Beyuna's transparent compensation plan is unique due to its high income potential and it encourages helping others to become successful as well. You build a user market with customers and distributors who are enthusiastic about the supplements. This results in residual income that ensures a stable financial future. In the video next to this, we explain how our powerful earning model works.

The foundation of your business

The best products
The dietary supplements of Beyuna are natural, Clean Label, and of high quality. They meet the legal requirements and certifications. In developing the supplements, we continuously respond to the latest scientific research.
Fair earnings model
You set your own goals, determine your own path, and don't have to be accountable to anyone. Additionally, you determine your own income based on your performance: the more action, the more income. We deliver the products directly to your customers both domestically and internationally.
Training & support
Network marketing is a profession, and for that, training and education are necessary. Through the Beyuna Academy, we offer training sessions, seminars, and presentations. With the assistance of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, you learn everything necessary to become successful with the Beyuna concept.
Beyuna Academy: a network of like-minded individuals
  • Weekly meetings & livestreams
  • Exclusive trainings
  • Discounts on events
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Featured distributors

Ksenija Provoost
“It is incredibly fun to build a team and have people around you who are realizing their dreams.”